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The conference will be hosted in Aveiro, 

Roaming through Aveiro is the same as diving in the waters of Centro de Portugal. Known as the “Portuguese Venice”, the city is quietly dominated by the Ria de Aveiro, described by Saramago as “a living body that connects the land to the sea like a huge heart.” ( Continue reading )

More on Aveiro and Aveiro region ( Região Centro de Portugal )

University of Aveiro

University of Aveiro (UA) was founded in 1973 and paved the way in the creation of teaching offers in several knowledge fields. Today, UA is widely recognised as one of the most innovative universities in Portugal, the quality of its teaching and research and for its cooperation with regional and national business.

Built as small city, Aveiro University Campus was designed by some of the most important Portuguese contemporary architects. Stroll through the Campus and be amazed by works created by Siza Vieira, Souto Moura, Alcino Soutinho, Carrilho da Graça or Gonçalo Byrne.

With a modern and prestigious architecture, UA occupies top positions in the most important international rankings that assess Higher Education institutions.

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