Scientific Workflow Management for Software Quality Assessment Replication: An Open Source Architecture

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Quality assurance of digital twins: An experience report in the automotive industry

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Continual Service Improvement: a Systematic Literature Review

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Elevating Software Quality Through Product Discovery Techniques: Key Findings From a Grey Literature Review

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Visual Milestone Planning in a hybrid development context

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Quantum as a Service Architecture for Security in a Smart City

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A Retrospective Analysis of Grey Literature for AI-supported Test Automation

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Process Improvement using the Scientific Method

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Log Based Verification tool of Serious Game for Autistic Children

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Beyond Dashboards: Operationalising a measurement framework for Agile teams

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Exploring Data Analysis and Visualisation Techniques for Effective Project Tracking with the ITLingo-Cloud

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How a Professional Association Can Steer Digital Transformation: Case Study of the Belgian Notary Industry

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DQBR25K: Data Quality Business Rules Identification based on ISO/IEC 25012

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Pitching to the `Big Fish': Elevating Presentation and Communication Skills in a Software Quality Course

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Quantum Services Generation and Deployment Process: A Quality-Oriented Approach

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External dependencies in software development

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Measuring Team Effectiveness in Scrum

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Correctness-Guaranteed Strategy Synthesis and Compression for Multi-Agent Autonomous Systems

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Using capabilities for strict runtime invariant checking

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