Track: Verification, Validation, and Testing



Modern software technologies introduce new challenges to developing suitable Verification and Validation (V&V) solutions for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. On one hand, new ICT systems, such as self-adaptive systems, context-aware software systems, systems of systems, or AI-based software systems are becoming increasingly popular and are more and more used in our daily life. Both researchers and practitioners are asked to provide novel methodologies, techniques, and tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the V&V processes that are executed to ensure the high quality of such complex ICT systems. On the other hand, software processes are evolving towards new agile development and testing practices where software has to be developed and deployed quickly to fulfill the strict requirements of competitive customers. This requires new cost-effective V&V solutions that go side by side with software development advances. Research on V&V of ICT systems is crucial to develop quality assurance methods for complex software systems with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the software development process while reducing the cost devoted to V&V.

Topics of Interest

Suggested topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:



Domenico Amalfitano, University of Naples, Italy

Matteo Camilli, Politecnico de Milano, Italy

Livia Lestingi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 

Antonio Guerriero, Università Federico II di Napoli, Italy 

Lydie du Bousquet, LIG, France 

M.J. Escalona, University of Seville, Spain 

Francesca Lonetti, CNR-ISTI, Italy 

Jean Carlo R. Hauck, UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil 

Santiago Matalonga, University of the West of Scotland, UK 

Rudolf Ramler, Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria 

Ronnie de Souza Santos, Cape Breton University/CESAR School, Canada 

Takashi Ishio, Future University Hakodate, Japan 

Shingo Takada, Keio University, Japan 

Ana Paiva, University of Porto, Portugal 

Antonia Bertolino, ISTI-CNR, Italy 

Andreas Ulrich, Siemens AG, Germany